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29 September 2022

PLASGAD. Plastica Sud on the Plasgad Distribution pallet - the mainstay of the Italian agro-food industry

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The collaboration between pallet manufacturer Plasgad and Plastica Sud has greatly expanded the use of the Plasgad Distribution pallet in the Italian market. The effect is especially visible in the food sector in general and the agro-food industry in particular.

Retailers, manufacturers and exporters of the Italian agri-food market require a versatile pallet that can be used at all supply chain stages: production, processing and delivery of the final produce to customers. In the specific case of the agricultural sector, the pallets are used to transport fruit and vegetables in bulk or packed in crates from fields to warehouses, through internal processing to the final delivery to end customers.

Plastica Sud, one of the most successful Italian agricultural sector companies since 1979, was looking for a light pallet that would be nestable and the easy-to-handle.  The Italian cooperatives were looking for a solution that was cost-efficient, space-saving and easy-to-clean. The pallet that fit the bill ideally turned out to be the Plasgad 120x100cm Distribution pallet with anti-slip system and open deck configuration.

Italian customers are very satisfied with the Distribution pallet. It meets all their expectations: they note the pallet's reliability, robustness and ease of cleaning among the other advantages. The fact that the pallet is reusable and can be recycled at the end of its life cycle is a much-appreciated added bonus! No wonder that the pallet quickly became the preferred option for the Italian agri-food sector.

Recently Plasgad has provided a significant technological upgrade to this model: the pallets can now be equipped with IoT module to supply a variety of tracking information, such as location, humidity, temperature and shock data.

One of the most important customers of Plastica Sud shared his opinion about the DISTRI1210 pallet based on the multi-year use of this pallet.

Dr. Vincenzo Brignoli is the purchasing manager of ALPHACOM: “Our company is very satisfied with the pallet. They are easy to use (both for the handling of goods in the warehouse and for transport and delivery to customers), easy to handle, simple to clean, space-saving due to their stackability.”

The pallets are reusable, stackable and recyclable at the end of their life. This leads to cost savings and significant CO2 emission reduction.

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