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29 September 2022

ORRI: The harvest of successes begins

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Market studies carried out by ORC indicated that the Orri mandarin stood out for its excellent taste and exceptional organoleptic qualities among consumers. Furthermore, these same studies also pointed out that the Orri mandarin was highly recognized by professionals in the sector, but that, nevertheless, the end consumer found it difficult to recognize the variety at points of sale.

In this sense, and given the knowledge of the Orri mandarin by distribution professionals, ORC thought of them as the perfect link to transfer this information to the end consumer, due to their high knowledge of the tastes of consumers, i.e. their customers, and their professionalism when advising them on the qualities of the Orri premium mandarin.

Thus, a campaign was launched to promote the identification of the Orri variety at points of sale, so that at the same time that the consumer could identify the Orri variety in the greengrocer's shop, he could verify, through his own personal experience, the enormous qualities of this mandarin.

To reward this loyalty and in support of these tireless greengrocers, ORC launched, during the past months of March and April, an identification and co-branding campaign aimed at markets and specialized greengrocers, with the aim of rewarding those greengrocers who collaborated in raising awareness of the Orri mandarin among their customers.

Under the slogan "The harvest of success begins", greengrocers were invited to collaborate, so that those who placed identifiers of the variety such as stoppers, price markers or fruit with stickers that identified it, which could be obtained from their suppliers in wholesale markets, and sent a photo in which the brand 'ORRi' was explicitly visible, could participate in a draw for a smart watch and a tablet.

The campaign was a success and more than 500 greengrocers participated in it, with the winners being El Huerto de Ferraz in Madrid and Frutería Rocío in Zaragoza, which were awarded a smart watch, and Frutería Nuria in Valladolid, which was awarded a tablet for the beautiful photo sent in support of Orri's promotional campaign.

With its new brand image, ORRi seeks to identify this variety of mandarin as a prestigious product and position it within the citrus world as a premium product, but at the same time, at the same time, it also seeks to promote it as a

premium product, but at the same time, a close product, of proximity and sustainable thanks to its excellent conservation qualities, superior to other competing mandarins.

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