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21 June 2022


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O.P. Isola Verde is an Italian company that believes in quality and invests in agriculture 4.0 to guarantee authentic Baby Leaf salads 365 days a year to the entire European market. Its production takes place in two different Italian regions to offer its customers only the best Baby Leaf salads and find the best solution to their needs whatever the season.

In Lombardy, in northern Italy, they cultivate more than 90 hectares, 30 of which are dedicated to organic farming, and have a production plant where they personally manage the quality controls and packaging of their first range of Baby Leaf salads, which can be supplied in bulk, in trays or in bags according to distribution requirements.

In southern Italy, on the other hand, they cultivate 140 hectares of land, 60 of which are dedicated to organic farming near Salerno, in Campania, where milder temperatures guarantee higher production and a constant harvest for a greater number of months a year, including winter.

In addition to their organic farming certification, they are also committed to meeting the requirements of LSD and fast food chains internationally, where we have also obtained a number of certifications, namely Global GAP, Global GAP Plus, Global GAP Chain of Custody, Coop Italia Pesticide Transparency Add-on, M&S certification, TESCO NURTURE, QS Quality scheme for food certification, LEAF certification and Supply Chain Traceability; our plant has also obtained BRC and IFS certifications. By the end of the year, they also plan to obtain Planet Proof certification.

The quality of their first range of Baby Leaf salads is also achieved thanks to their continuous investments in technology, varietal research, modern equipment and machinery. From the choice of seeds, to the control of different parameters, including temperature and humidity of the environment and soil in its greenhouses, its production is based on a philosophy aimed at maintaining continuous improvement, where agriculture 4.0 is the expression of the will to apply modern knowledge to traditional agricultural practices, to achieve increasingly beneficial results for both its customers and end consumers.

Land preparation, harvesting, packaging, shipments: at OP Isola Verde every phase of production is carried out following a precise procedure and according to strict controls that allow to trace each batch and guarantee a healthy, genuine and quality product.

 More information on or contact our sales office to taste for yourself the goodness of every single leaf of OP Isola Verde Baby Leaf salads.