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22 September 2022

OIPACYL presents the potato of our land

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The Interprofessional Organization of the Potato of Castilla y León (OIPACYL) is a tool of the sector that serves as a link between the different links in the value chain of the potato.

This agri-food interprofessional presents a product of proximity, since Spain has the capacity to market potatoes 365 days a year. The year begins with potatoes from the south, moving up through the national territory until the end of the year in the north, with potatoes from Castilla y León.

From the moment it is sown in the fields of Castilla y León until it is harvested, farmers must be very attentive to the crop since, unlike other crops, it requires a lot of attention to obtain the organoleptic and culinary qualities that are finally offered to the consumer. In addition, climatological agents play an important role in all crops and potato is not going to be less. The incidence of the sun in the lands of Castilla y León during the summer months, the time of full growth of the tubers, give the potato of our land a browner color in their skin.

The potato is a food that has always been present in our traditional gastronomy. It is a completely natural product, with great versatility in the kitchen, very tasty and within everyone's reach. At a nutritional level, the potato is at the base of the food pyramid. The most significant is its contribution in complex carbohydrates, specifically starch. It also provides a significant amount of fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium, folate and carotenoids. Starch is a slowly absorbed nutrient, which is beneficial to our health. If the potato is refrigerated for 24 hours after cooking, this starch can be used optimally, decreasing the glycemic index; it will also provide a greater feeling of satiety and part of it will have a prebiotic effect, which is positive for our intestinal microbiota.

Each variety of potato has a better use in the kitchen: to bake, to cook, to fry... being the ideal from the nutritional point of view its baking in the oven or in the microwave, keeping its skin since a greater retention of micronutrients is achieved and a greater amount of resistant starch is generated when they are cooled.

They will be exhibiting at stand 7C08B.