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15 July 2022

NOVAGRIC, two young people grow 17,000 loquat plants for the first time under a technological greenhouse designed by Novagric

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Overcoming fear, entrepreneurship and getting out of your comfort zone is sometimes the best option.

And if not, just tell it to Carmen and Juan Diego, two young entrepreneurs who have embarked on this great adventure. They have gone from working with a crop that they controlled 100%, to another that they did not know; from growing outdoors, to produce for the first time in a technological greenhouse developed by Novagric, and as if that were not enough, they have lived this whole process in the heat wave. Carmen, is the manager and Juan Diego, the manager of the companies Agro Vivero and Casa Agrícola del Mediterráneo. Both decided to contact the company Novagric to develop new greenhouse facilities with technology to grow pistachio seedlings, a plant they know and are used to working with.

Upon completion of the greenhouse facilities they would start with pistachio cultivation, but they were presented with the opportunity to start growing loquat for another customer who needed to germinate the plant. They decided to lend them a hand and take on this challenge: to grow 17,000 loquat plants under greenhouse conditions. Thanks to this initiative, they have been able to see the differences between growing in the open air and growing in a technological greenhouse, allowing them greater control over factors that are impossible to control in the open field. Novagric, for its part, will closely follow this project offering continuous support to support the initiatives of the most enterprising farmers, and help them with the next challenge, which they have confessed to us, they are looking forward to face. The two young men have shown that not having experience should not stop you from achieving your goals, and although they have recognized that at the beginning they faced this challenge with fear, as Juan Diego says "fear makes you learn" and come out stronger than ever, because they have seen what they have been able to achieve.

Find their stand number  5C08 at FRUIT ATTRACTION.

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