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21 June 2022


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Noawork, Noa's Group temporary employment company, has a team with extensive experience in responding to the needs of personnel in the agricultural sector.

The stone fruit harvesting campaign has started in different areas of the country. In the agri-food sector, one of the most important production axes in Spain, the most efficient and quickest way to cover production peaks is to use a flexible human resources management service.

Noawork, a Noa's Group temporary employment company, has a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in responding to the needs of the agricultural sector, from the field until the product is ready to be sent to the stores. They are a flexible and strong company that offers security and maximum legal guarantees.

They offer a service of coordination and management of personnel in the field, process and quality management, document management and legal advice, among others. They have crews in each area that take care of the different tasks required in the field: harvesting, pruning, thinning and farm maintenance.

They have their own field managers who, on a daily basis, are in charge of controlling and verifying the quality of the work being carried out, managing or checking the necessary documentation and ensuring the proper use of protective and preventive equipment.

On the other hand, and completing the process, they have experienced personnel in the processes of handling and packaging of fruits and vegetables in warehouses or cooperatives.  Ask for an estimate without obligation. They are at your disposal for any consultation. We serve the main areas of Spain.

964 228 886