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24 May 2022


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Metos Iberia presents the new line of weather stations, nMETOS (nanoMETOS). With this model, we aim to revolutionise fields around the world, helping smaller farmers to enter the new era of agriculture.

The nMETOS was developed with two pillars in mind: sustainability and real farmer needs. Today's farmers require autonomous stations, highly reliable sensors, permanently connected to their phone, providing accurate and accessible data in seconds remotely. We have combined all this in a single station, helping farmers adapt quickly to new field practices, connected anywhere, anytime, at an unprecedented price and level of convenience.

The nMETOS is an entry-level station, working with the latest communication technology, NBIoT, which provides a wide range of global coverage with high penetration, making it optimal for greenhouses, dense crops and enclosed installations. Another great aspect is the optimised power consumption, allowing it to work with a small solar panel combined with rechargeable batteries.

With nMETOS you can act in time, but only when necessary!

  • Helps to measure the most important environmental parameters
  • Helps to prevent plant diseases and insect infestation, access to disease models to act in time and reduce the use of phytosanitary products.
  • Helps with time management, allowing weekly and daily work planning for different tasks (spraying, irrigation, planting, harvesting, etc.).
  • Helps to act in time, allowing to receive alert notifications when parameters reach a certain threshold (frost protection, watering times, wind speed, etc.).
  • Helps with irrigation management, allowing you to set thresholds, and manage watering intervals and duration to provide only the water you need
  • Helps save time, resources and money
  • Increases sustainability and reduces environmental impact

The following sensors and services are available for this purpose

Measured parameters

Calculated parameters


Temperatura del aire

Humedad Relativa del aire


Floor temperature

Floor humidity

Floor tension

Delta T

Dew Point

Vapour Pressure Deficit

Leaf Wetting

Weather Forecast

Work Scheduler

Sickness Models

Calculation of degree days and cold hours

nMETOS - METOS by Pessl instruments

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