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22 September 2022

MENNO CHEMIE launches A-QUASAN®, a concentrated disinfectant formulated with benzoic acid suitable for organic production

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Benzoic acid is found in small proportions in many plants including berries, blueberries and blackberries, in Styrax benzoin shrubs it is found in large quantities and hence its name. Its main function in plants is to participate in the synthesis of other substances to keep them safe from infections and dangerous microorganisms.

The German company MENNO-CHEMIE has been developing benzoic acid products for plant health for 40 years and in 2022 they have registered their disinfectant A-QUASAN in Spain for the food area: food processing and manufacturing lines, warehouses, cold rooms and areas in greenhouses where food is handled, as well as disinfection of drinking water systems.

Among the many advantages of benzoic acid, two stand out: The first is that it has an inhibitory effect on a broad spectrum of pathogens; bacteria, fungi and yeasts, and above all it penetrates those that have an envelope, thanks to the fact that the disinfectant remains stable until it enters the cell. The second advantage is that, being a natural acid, it is highly biodegradable so that with proper handling it leaves no residues and facilitates wastewater treatment.

In addition, with MENNO CHEMIE's manual applicator or some other foaming mechanism, A-QUASAN can be applied to vertical surfaces or even ceilings where it adheres very easily. This allows the disinfectant to remain in contact with pathogens long enough to deactivate them.

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