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21 June 2022


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Giga® and RedPop® by Marlene®: new apples for the modern consumer

Two new-generation apples are set to delight consumers in the second half of the European apple season: RedPop® and Giga® by Marlene®, the new varieties produced by the VOG Consortium, which have already received enthusiastic feedback from the markets on their commercial debut.

Giga® is large and tasty, perfect for enjoying with family and friends. It is a large-sized – 75/85 mm on average –, two-tone apple with reddish shades on a yellow background. The taste is strong and intensely aromatic, ideal for sharing in all its richness.

RedPop® is a ‘little big’ apple: small in size and particularly tough, it is suitable for taking with you on any occasion. Its firm flesh, crunchiness and sweetly rich taste make it perfectly attuned to the needs of modern consumers.

The two new brands debuted in 2022 with 2,000 tonnes of Giga® and 1,900 tonnes of RedPop® respectively. Due to their storage life and characteristics, they are ideal for marketing in the second half of the season and are suitable for organic cultivation.

Each apple has its own specific and distinctive identity to better guide consumer choice. The co-branding with Marlene®, VOG’s proprietary brand which is well-known and popular in several European countries, offers an additional guarantee, since it has been synonymous with quality, origin, taste and well-being for more than 25 years.

The launch of the new varieties is part of the VOG Consortium’s variety renewal project aimed at offering the right apple for every need, 12 months a year. With an annual harvest of over 500,000 tonnes and 4,600 member growers, VOG is one of the leading players in the European apple trade.

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