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15 July 2022


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Thanks to Manica's R&D development, we can present MANAMID 100 SC (Registration No. ES-001395) based on Cyazofamid, a product with an innovative formulation that makes it more versatile and safe, ensuring high efficacy against downy mildew in potato, tomato and grapevine.

Its "green" co-formulants make its classification very favorable in line with integrated production directives, respecting to the maximum the auxiliary fauna without affecting pollinators or predatory mites, thus allowing the implementation of low residue strategies.

MANAMID 100 SC has an exceptional resistance to washing. Once applied, it can withstand up to 50 mm of water, especially in horticultural crops. Moreover, thanks to its innovative water-based formulation, it is much more compatible with other crop protection products, such as Maniflow, Ossirame, Limocide, or other active ingredients.

In grapevine, one application per season is authorized. It can be applied from the first leaves unfolded until harvest. We recommend using it at the most sensitive times such as flowering or fruit set in mixture with copper or Limocide.

In Tomato and Potato up to 6 applications can be made per season. Optimum protection is obtained with 2-3 treatments during the initial stages of development.

Will be present at FRUIT ATTRACTION booth 3E12.

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