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15 July 2022

LUMIFORTE, international player in horticultural coatings

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Born from the merger on January 1, 2022 of French and Dutch know-how, Lumiforte is a major player in the horticultural coatings market.

A horticultural coating is applied to the roof of a greenhouse and aims to protect and optimize crops in all seasons by controlling light and temperature inside the greenhouse.  The objective of the coating is to create favorable conditions for crop flowering and thus optimize crop production, both in terms of quantity and quality.

There are different types of coatings, with different technical functionalities to better adapt to the flowering conditions of different crops depending on the season: shading, diffusion, transmission and reflection coating.

Lumiforte develops, produces and markets the historical brands Sudlac (1959) and ReduSystems (1986).

Sudlac brand coatings offer two shading ranges: temporary and long-lasting. The temporary shading range provides maximum and effective protection against sunlight for up to 6 months and wears naturally over time, no removal agent is required. The long-term shading range provides year-round sunlight protection. The producer determines when to remove the paint using the Topclear product.

As a light expert, Lumiforte will be present at "Fruit attraction" from October 4 to 6, hall 8, stand 8E13.

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ReduSystems brand coatings combine precision and efficiency. They control the incidence of light and heat. ReduSystems products can be combined and complement each other. For example, in summer, light and heat reflective coatings can be applied to the greenhouse roof with a diffuse light coating. During low light seasons, a coating can be applied to increase the light level.

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