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21 June 2022


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A long tradition in mushroom cultivation

Los Petos is dedicated to the cultivation, packaging and commercialization of a wide variety of mushrooms and prepared trays. Among their varieties are mushrooms, shiitake, portobello and white and brown shimeji.

They currently have more than 50 rooms dedicated to the cultivation of mushrooms and mushroom, a large warehouse for packaging and preparation of final product, with the most modern packaging and labeling equipment that allows them to respond to the latest packaging formulas.

For this purpose, they have a staff of more than 70 workers, professionals who oversee preparing the fresh product with the strictest quality control.

Los Petos is located in the region of La Mánchela in Albacete, in the town of Fuentealbilla, a leading area in the mushroom sector. Los Petos have experienced a great transformation of the family business, giving rise to the generational changeover and with-it new investments, transforming a very important part of the business, such as crops, going from traditional cultivation to air-conditioned cultivation. In this way, the company began to commercialize its own products and to expand its market to other areas. Since then, they have seen a significant growth and a great evolution in their transformation and packaging processes.

More information https://www.lospetos.esTelephone: 967 472 281