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16 June 2020

Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect, the largest Marketplace and Professional Social Network in the world specialised in the fruit and vegetable sector

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Open from 1 to 31 October

Fruit Attraction 2020, which will hold an extraordinary and unique non-virtual edition from 20 to 22 October, offers the fruit and vegetable community the largest Marketplace and Professional Network in the world specialised in the fruit and vegetable sector: Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect, a new digital platform that will generate thousands of new international buying and selling opportunities. A new worldwide sales channel to connect all the fruit and vegetable supply and demand.

LIVEConnect will be operational from 1 October 2020 for the whole month, and will boost Fruit Attraction's face-to-face capacity, based on four strategic pillars:

1.- CONNECT: A platform for managing contacts, networking, matching and activation of purchase/sale operations with operators around the world, far beyond those exclusively face-to-face.

2.- IMPACT: This is a tool that allows the generation of millions of impacts, renown, communication and publicity for highly qualified targets in our field of activity, products and commercial solutions.

3.- INNOVATE: Innovation Hub: A platform that spreads the news and innovations that are part of Fruit Attraction 2020 throughout the professional world.

4.- EMPOWER: Virtual Fruit Forum will be the network space that for 30 days will cover all major topics of debate, knowledge, training, private sessions, etc.

In this way, the indisputable business opportunities offered by the fair during the three face-to-face days, especially in October which is such a key moment for the planning of campaigns, are now complemented by this new platform that, throughout the month, will promote the generation of new contacts between supply and demand in the entire world's fruit and vegetable value chain. This will all multiply the ability to contact and impact on international buyers.

Fruit Attraction will be the first global, specialised face-to-face event for the fruit and vegetable sector since Europe's return to normality, and it will therefore be the meeting point where the consolidation of commercial relations, market diversification for exporting, and international positioning as fundamental suppliers of distribution will be strategic.

Fruit Attraction 2020 will be Live, Hybrid and On-line, starting an entire international communication campaign with the message: The world´s largest fresh produce community Marketplace. Helping fresh produce community to stay open for Business. Fruit Attraction is therefore refounded under a hybrid (physical-digital) model that enhances the value and usefulness of the product for the different profiles of exhibitors, attendees, audiences and professional communities of the sector, being sure to continue to meet business needs with the 5G technology already installed at IFEMA

Fruit Attraction has a qualified database of 230,000 records from 160 countries, something which is key to developing an event where commercial utility and functionality are the maximum premise. The new technological platform, Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect, also has all the functions to generate thousands of new sales opportunities for companies:

* Catalogue of exhibitors, products and commercial managers of these companies.

* Profiles and recommendations of professionals from all over the world, fed by the current database and by the dissemination and virality of the platform.

* Networking and AI-Powered Match (automatically connects profiles of interest with business needs. It automatically links exhibitor offers and solutions with demand from around the world.

* Matchmaking. Exhibitor-exhibitor or exhibitor-visitor.

* On-line Business meetings for 31 days

* Virtual Fruit Forum: each day from 1 to 31 October, with a full programme of activities and meetings:

.Official programme (packaging, sustainability, Smart agro, Woman Attraction)

.World Fresh Forum. Five private sessions with guests from markets such as the USA, India, China, Japan and the Arabian Peninsula

.Fresh´n ´star: avocado, tropical, bio, red fruits, etc.

.Exhibitor presentations

.Innovation hub: directory of all that's new at Fruit Attraction 2020

.eB2B & networking sessions

* Live Chat

* Fruit Group Discussions

In short, LIVEConnect comes to complete and complement the generation of new leads around the world, and will allow commercial opportunities to be connected and developed among the entire world fruit and vegetable community, and bring together the global professional Fruit Attraction community. It will multiply the generation capacity of commercial leads and the ability to qualify them and turn them into clients; it will maximise and facilitate contacts and the organising of appointments, eMeetings, b2b, etc.; it will multiply the scope of the content, knowledge, news, innovations, etc. of the entire exhibition offer; and it will stimulate the importance of the Fruit Attraction community.

Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect, the world's largest Marketplace for professionals in the fruit and vegetable sector, will be a platform available from 1 to 31 October, through the Mobile App, and with all the Web features, which will bridge the gap between face-to-face and non-face-to-face. In a LIVE, CONNECT, INNOVATE, EMPOWER platform 24/365.

Registration to participate in this special Fruit Attraction 2020 is still open for all companies on this link.