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29 September 2022

KIWI ATLANTICO expands and reinforces its facilities to optimize its product.

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With the expansion of its factory and new machinery, the company aims to achieve a more uniform product and is committed to Zero Waste.

Kiwi Atlántico, the largest kiwi trader in Spain, has carried out a major remodeling of its facilities with the aim of optimizing its product and achieving one of the company's strategic objectives: Zero Waste. With more than 3,000,000 euros invested, the expansion of Kiwi Atlántico's facilities improves its productivity thanks to the most advanced technology.

In recent years, the company has invested in the expansion of cold storage rooms, changing the refrigeration system and packaging areas. In addition, it has also gained space in the fruit reception and stock area. 

It has also invested in new machinery with changes to the grading machine with quality selection and automation of palletizing. Jose Piñeiro, Innovation Manager at Kiwi Atlántico, points out that "we have now installed the latest technology for sorting and grading kiwifruit, with the fundamental objective of improving sorting and therefore offering the customer an even more uniform product". On the other hand, he indicates that "these changes allow us to carry out better ripening and reduce product wastage. This is in line with one of our most important objectives today: to achieve Zero Waste".

In general, the new lines have been designed and manufactured taking into account at all times the delicate treatment of the fruit and some of them have been automated as well as several automatic palletizers, improving the ergonomics of the operators in the plant.

State-of-the-art sorting machine

One of the purposes of this important investment was to acquire a new sorting machine, a state-of-the-art MAF-RODA machine. Thanks to this machine, the company has increased the calibrating speed to more than 10tm/hour. It also has the Globalscan 7 selection system with multispectral cameras, which allows the identification of external and internal defects of the fruit for a better selection of the final product. On the other hand, the Insight 2T system has also been installed, which uses near infrared technology to improve the quality and uniformity of the product.

With these improvements, the company continues the line of recent years to ensure the high quality of the final product.  Participate in Fruit Attraction stand 5F01.