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24 May 2022


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Kissabel® is the brand chosen for a unique and astonishing range of coloured flesh apples (from pink to intense red) by Ifored, an international program comprising 14 of the biggest apple producers from 5 continents. The brand's philosophy is to offer a range of innovative, completely natural, tempting apples, great in both appearance and taste. The result is an unprecedented assortment of red-flesh apples, which differ in flesh shade, skin colour, flavour and harvest timing.

Kissabel® fruit is the outcome of more than 20 years of research conducted with exclusively natural methods by French breeder IFO, in which red-flesh wild apples were crossed with varieties of outstanding quality in terms of flavour, keeping, appearance and fruit size.

Three types of varieties have been chosen for the first commercialisations under the brand:

Kissabel® Rouge. With red skin and flesh, this fresh, crisp variety has a bright colour and intense flavour, enriched with hints of berries.

Kissabel® Orange. The attractive orange skin is recognisable at a glance, and conceals astonishing pink-red flesh. Firm and juicy, it has a zesty taste.

Kissabel® Jaune. A bite into the freckled yellow skin reveals sweet, attractive flesh with delicate pink nuances. This variety has very good storability and a perfect sweet-tart balance.