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29 September 2022

ISE ensures optimal irrigation thanks to solar pumping

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The sun can be irrigation's best ally. Sounds strange, doesn't it? It seems that the heat with which we associate the Astro King and the coolness of water are opposites, but this is not the case. Solar pumping allows a unique link between both elements so that the greatest beneficiary is the crop field and, of course, agricultural entrepreneurs concerned about obtaining the highest profitability to their work and reduce costs.

Solar pumping is a process by which water is extracted from wells and aquifers to be used in irrigation thanks to photovoltaic energy. Therefore, it represents a cost reduction that has a positive impact on a company's financial planning, in addition to minimizing the carbon footprint of agricultural activity. Moreover, its operation is very simple and reliable, provided that an expert company is used to carry out the installation.

All that is required is to install a certain number of solar panels (depending on the customer's needs) that collect sunlight. This energy is transferred to a controller that feeds the pump that will drive the water to a tank for storage or directly to the surface to facilitate the irrigation of crops and thus stimulate the production of vegetables and fruits at a very low cost.

Solar pumping has several very interesting advantages. One of them is its usefulness in areas where there is no access to the electricity grid and, therefore, they depend on polluting and more expensive systems for a daily task such as irrigation. Until now, it was common to use generators that required fossil fuel for their proper operation.

Another advantage of using photovoltaic energy to maximize the efficiency of agricultural production is the low maintenance cost of this system. If it is well designed and installed from the beginning, its deterioration will be practically nil for years.

But, most importantly, solar pumping is an economical and environmentally friendly system. A commitment to green energy increases a company's brand value and helps it take an important step towards the ecological transition.

If you need more information on how solar energy can help you get the most out of your crops, we will be happy to advise you and design a project tailored to your needs.

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