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29 September 2022

Interview with Miguel Ángel Robles-Fruits and Vegetables Purchasing Manager of Hiper Usera

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We interviewed Miguel Ángel Robles, head of Fruit and Vegetable Purchasing at Hiper Usera.

In this interview with Miguel Angel Robles, he talks about the importance of fruit in a supermarket and cash wholesaler company; "In Hiper Usera we think that the value of fruit is very important because, so to speak, it is the reflection of fresh produce itself".

He also explains how the fruit sector has evolved in recent years; "I think it has made a qualitative leap because every day more and more people are betting on the quality of the product".

In addition, we talk to him about what aspect the consumer takes into account when choosing the product; "Visually it must be attractive to the customer".

He also tells us which are the varieties of fruit preferred by his customers; "It is usually seasonal fruit" and how the weather has influenced the fruit and vegetable sector this season; "It has had a negative influence, it has been hot when it shouldn't have been and cold when it shouldn't have been".

Finally, he explains the importance of organic fruit in his company; "We are around 15%, 20%, not much".

We interviewed Miguel Ángel Robles, Head of Fruit and Vegetable Purchasing at Hiper Usera.