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12 November 2020

An interview with Francisco Cano, head of the Agrocolor Seeds and Exports technical area

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The Water Footprint Certification (H3) by AGROCOLOR has been selected by the jury as the winner of the Auxiliary Industry category of the Innovation Hub Awards from among ten finalists

Exports technical area

What are the main characteristics of your project – Water Footprint Certification (H3) – winner of the Innovation Hub Award in the Auxiliary Industry category?

Our product is actually a verification process. The H3 certification protocol calculates the water footprint and is a useful tool for agricultural producers who want to certify how they use water in a responsible manner in their operations. Since there is currently no certification based on the water footprint of agricultural crops, it is a tool with a very promising future.

What does winning the Innovation Hub Awards mean to you?

Winning this award is the reward for the work carried out by the H3 Task Force. Since 2018, the companies in this group (Caparrós Nature S.L., Wise Irrisystem S.L., the University of Almería, Coexphal and Proyecta Ingenio S.L.) have spent two years working on the project, which has culminated with Agrocolor issuing its first H3 certification to José Romera (producer of Vicasol SCA) last October.

This award is also very important to the development of the project, highlighting its significance to the rest of the world and specifically to the agriculture sector.

Applicability, Innovation, Environmental Sustainability and Social Value Proposal of the entries were the criteria upon which the jury based its decision. What does the product contribute in terms of each of these?

I think that has been the success of the product, its synergy in these terms. The applicability of the H3 certification protocol – calculation of the water footprint -– is total and 100% applicable in the agricultural sector. It is also fully connected with environmental sustainability as it seeks to reduce consumption from water resources by improving environmental sustainability. Lastly, there is the added value it brings to agricultural products – informing consumers that fruit and vegetable products have a low water footprint compared to other products that do not provide such details.

How do you rate this special edition of Fruit Attraction?

The current situation has been affected by the pandemic. Although it is true that everything about this Fruit Attraction has been different, it has also been very good, because the organisers have made great efforts to maintain the success of previous editions by providing solutions and valid alternatives.

How many times has Agrocolor attended Fruit Attraction as an exhibitor? What has it meant for your company?

Agrocolor has taken part every year since it was launched. Fruit Attraction is an opportunity and a meeting point for all those in the supply chain and is also a great showcase for the rest of the world.

What would you think of having a hybrid in-person and online event in the years to come?

I think it is a good idea to be ready for an uncertain future. Our lives have changed and so has our way of working and relating to each other. Events like Fruit Attraction will therefore have to adapt to the "new normal" and provide new options as a meeting place for companies.