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11 November 2020

An interview with Head of Marketing & IT at Bejo Ibérica

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REDI, a BEJO IBERICA product, has been selected from among the finalists by the jury as the winner of this year's event

What are the main characteristics of Redi, the winning product in the Innovation Hub Awards Fresh Produce category?

REDI has three aspects that make it unique: its flavour, the nutritional benefits of its purple colour and its format. At Bejo we believe that our products must have an optimal flavour. REDI is a new type of broccoli that combines classic values with a touch of sweetness. What is more, the purple colour, improves the traditional values of classic broccoli with a higher level of antioxidants and anthocyanins, providing large amounts of vitamin C and thus transforming it into a superfood. The format is designed to appeal to children and its packaging is fully recyclable. These features instil two key Bejo values: the values of healthy living and respect for the environment.

For Bejo it means great joy and satisfaction after more than 15 years of research and the dedication and long hours of work by many of our team members all over the world. This award goes to all of them.

Applicability, Innovation, Environmental Sustainability and Social Value Proposal of the entries were the criteria upon which the jury based its decision. What does the product contribute in terms of each of these?

REDI fulfils these requirements by providing countless gastronomic possibilities. All the chefs who have tried REDI have been very pleased with its characteristics. It can be grilled, steamed, fried or microwaved, eaten as a main or side dish… The possibilities are limitless, but they all have a flavour that impresses everyone. It is innovative because of its nutritional properties and the Bejo format, with 100% recyclable materials that also makes it sustainable. We are certain of its overall social value, which is helping to transform the thinking behind packaging in the future and consumer eating habits.

How do you rate this special edition of Fruit Attraction?

As has been the case with everything that is happening, this year has been somewhat different. It is a great pity that we have not been able to welcome our clients, friends and acquaintances to our stand. However, the new format offers new options that were not possible before. We attended several webinars to learn about different aspects that were offered to us and we have made new contacts through our space.

How many times have you attended Fruit Attraction as an exhibitor? What has it meant for your company?

We have attended this fair every year for the past eleven years and we support the event's professional approach, so we wanted to continue to do so this year with this special format.

What would you think of having a hybrid in-person and online event in the years to come?

The face-to-face format is always necessary. We believe in having a close relationship with our clients; however, a hybrid format with online content would be very useful to cover certain sections of the fair that we do not reach, and to save travel costs for people in other parts of the world.