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01 December 2020

INDUSER announces a re-styling for its branding and introduces two of its latest innovations

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Each year, October represents a relevant date in the calendar for the professionals in the agricultural industry around the globe. The circumstances of the covid19 scenario have opened new ways to connect and Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect is a new window to link and share with other. Therefore, this platform is for Induser an opportunity to introduce their latest news and innovations.

To start with, Induser announces the re-styling in its branding as a way to respond to the current changes that demand ingenuity, responsibility and adaptability. The Spanish company, that has, as purpose, to offer packaging solutions with innovation, technology and service, places digital initiatives at the center of its strategy while maintaining the principle of keeping a close relationship with their clients. The new branding expresses modernism through shapes, colors and a new, simple but differentiating tag line: “Ingenuity for packaging”. With this brief statement, Induser places people and their unique ability to think, invent, imagine and resolve at the center of their actions.

About this, Elvis Moreira (CEO and Co-Founder), affirms: “For us, to bet on a change in our image now, is a simple and direct way of expressing that we believe that innovation is born from the concern of any professional in our team and the knowledge on the importance of listening to every stakeholder in the supply chain. In a demanding market constantly changing, the development of new technologies can only happen when we focus all our ability to imagine solutions that balance service, quality and responsibility”. 

Induser’s branding evolution

Induser will be gradually updating its branding in the different online media and offline resources. With this re-styling, the company chooses October to announce two of its most recent innovations that highlight the “ingenuity” into action and not only words.

The first innovation is the Casing Machine. A solution designed for citrus products, avocados or stone fruits. It works by a pressure labeling system on the carboard tray, an alternative to reduce plastic in the packaging process.  The containers must have high flaps and small lateral slits so that the deformation of the flap occurs and with it, the closure against itself. The company will be providing details in the next days.

The second innovative solution they share with the market is the 14 head associative linear weigher integrated with a triple dispenser, that optimizes the packaging capacity of products such as apricots, nectarine and peaches. About this, Pedro Martínez (CBO & Co-Founder), affirms: “We see our machinery as a process of continuous improvement. Both the associative lineal weigher, as well as the canvas and chain conveyor belt, are two of our “star” products which represent the majority export for our business. However, we wanted to design this solution with more resistant and durable hoppers made with plastic screens, with a triple dispenser to meet the client’s production needs. The result was our first prototype now operating in Huesca, Spain, and restatement of our commitment to differentiate ourselves by designing customized solutions”.

Induser is preparing to close a year in which change has been faced with optimism, responsibility and commitment. With the awareness that 2021 will continue to demand adaptability, one of the key values of the culture of this company that evolves during adversity.

About Induser

Induser is a company from Almeria, Spain; with more than sixteen years of experience in the packaging of fruits and vegetables. Since 2004, their operations are based in the industrial area of El Ejido. For more than a decade, the private own company has stood out by offering complete engineering solutions, grounded on research and development, and centralizing their customer’s interest in every action.

The last few years have been significant for the growth and expansion of Induser to new markets. The brand positioning at international level is evolving coherently with the dynamic pace of the food industry, being responsible with the environment, society and its human team.

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