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21 June 2022


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PROTEV. A new protection for all crops developed by Hydro Fert.

Protev is the new organic nitrogen fertilizer, resistance inductor and biostimulant, based on vegetal extracts.

A deep knowledge of the agricultural world and its related issues has led Hydro Fert labs to develop a new product, facing a dual need of farmers: resistance and growth.                            Often, they have to deal with damages on crops caused by the onset of bacteriosis that may stop their development, with a consequent necessity to restore the plants physiology quickly.

As a result, Protev is now available. A new product tested both in labs and open fields, especially on fruit trees and vegetables, proving a relevant bacteriostatic and biostimulating activity. Moreover, repeated applications have shown an improvement of the fertilizer’s absorption as well as an increase of the chlorophyll content in leaves.

Protev is suitable for all fruit trees, vegetables and ornamental crops suffering a growth arrest due to abiotic and biotic stress from bacteria, during the usual cultivation cycle.

Thanks to its specific vegetal formulation, this product is allowed in organic agriculture, does not interfere with the physiological functions of plants and can be easily mixed with the most common agrochemicals and foliar fertilizers.

Protev is apt for frequent foliar applications, that allow a uniform vegetative growth and an improvement in yields and shelf life. Furthermore, in fertigation it improves root development and contributes to the proliferation of a useful microbial flora in agricultural soils.

When applied regularly, the product also guarantees a healing effect on plants lesions thanks to its peculiar chemical/physical composition.


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