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22 September 2022

LAS HORTICHUELAS S.A.T. markets its products with three reference brands: Las Hortichuelas, Sabaya and Star Crop.

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S.A.T. Las Hortichuelas is located in the heart of one of the most extensive and productive orchards in Europe: the Poniente Almeriense. It was created in 1983 by nine professionals of the field, who saw very clearly the need to face with audacity the challenges of quality and service imposed by the European Union.

Only one thing remains unchanged from the first day: the enthusiasm to keep alive the tradition of cultivating the land with natural and biological methods, perfectly compatible with the technological advances of the extra-early agriculture.

S.A.T. Las Hortichuelas sells its products in national and international markets under three reference brands:

Las Hortichuelas, Sabaya and Star Crop. These brands are highly demanded by consumers for their high quality and guarantee.

Las Hortichuelas products maintain a strict identification and traceability control. A follow-up is carried out from the plantation in the best conditions, harvesting at the optimum moment, handling preserving all the properties, logistics and transport to the distribution and consumption centers rigorously controlling the temperature and humidity.

The vast majority of our partners have been farmers for many decades, so there was no doubt when deciding on organic cultivation techniques. The pollination of tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and many other crops is carried out by bumblebee hives.

They will be exhibiting at stand 9B03