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20 October 2020

Hispatec develops an intense scheduling of webinars at Fruit Attraction Live Connect

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The leading international company in innovation and technological development for agriculture is holding two dozen virtual seminars within the framework of Fruit Attraction 2020.

The holding of this year’s Fruit Attraction in digital format has forced the large number of exhibitors who attend the Fair every year to reinvent themselves in the digital arena in order to turn the annual meeting of the agri-food sector into a great social and business network.
Hispatec has its entire sales team on hand, and is present in each of the organised digital activities alongside the Hispatec Analytics (decisional analytics, predictive models and Big Data) and HispatecTrack (monitoring and control of loads and shipments of fresh produce) teams.
All webinars are held at 5:00 p.m. with the aim that Latin American international attendees have no problems attending despite the time difference. Everything is broadcast live through Live Connect and YouTube.
On 1 October, Hispatec’s offering began with the colloquium “Software and technological solutions for agriculture". For one hour, the company directors spoke about the current state of agri-food technology and focused on the most relevant aspects of it in Pre-harvest, Post-harvest, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence and advanced Logistics.

On 6 October, Smart Agro, specialising in harvesting, was the focus in a conversation with METOS (by Pessl Instruments), a company specialising in measurement devices such as sensors, weather stations, data loggers etc.
On 8 October, a webinar was held on the new methods of Instilling Loyalty among Members and Farmers by sales and distribution companies through apps designed for them. Hispatec consultants spoke about the use and success cases that are already under way in several of the largest companies in the Spanish and Latin American productive sectors.
Market Intelligence and how to use data to generate sales opportunities and decision-making was the topic that Hispatec Analytics offered to those attending Fruit Attraction 2020 on 9 October.
On 13 October, and again under the auspices of Hispatec, the event focused on Field Access Control and the Solutions available for the management of workers both on the farm and in transport, warehouse and clothing.
The next day, Fresh Produce Logistics and its “State of the Art” was the main topic a talk between the Director of HispatecTrack and the CEOs from two of the largest transport and shipping companies in Europe.
On 15 October, the programme continued with the debate “How to digitalise a cooperative”, which featured Diego Calderón from UNICA Group, the main Spanish 2nd grade cooperative, and Antonio Domene, a consultant specialising in the Agro Sector and Digital Transformation.

The second fortnight of the Fair will continue, with more events that will influence the importance of innovation and technological development within the agri-food sector.
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