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29 September 2022

HINOJOSA bets on sustainable packaging for fresh food

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The agricultural sector faces several challenges for the sustainability of its business. On the one hand, there is the need to mitigate risks that products may suffer along the supply chain, such as maintaining the cold chain, thus avoiding food spoilage.

. On the other hand, cost savings in small details mean a big economic impact and choosing a packaging that solves the storage problem to make transfers more efficient can make a big difference in expenses at the end of the month. Added to all of this are new consumer trends, which are increasingly opting for sustainable packaging that helps reduce pollution and carbon footprint.

Understanding the needs of its customers in the agri-food sector, Hinojosa has developed an essential product for the end consumer. These are heat-sealable cardboard trays for fruit and vegetables, which can replace traditional plastic trays.

The most outstanding solutions are Barket, an octagonal corrugated cardboard tray awarded at the World Awards 2021 as one of the best packaging worldwide, and Fruit Pack, which offers the option of installing the packaging machine on the assembly line. In recent years, the group has introduced improvements to increase the recyclability of its solutions. In this line, it has introduced Halopack, a sustainable and recyclable packaging system that reduces the use of single-use plastics by 80%. It consists of a recycled cardboard and a plastic film, adhered by means of a heat process to protect and insulate the food. Its design and technical characteristics extend the shelf life of the contents, thus helping to reduce food waste. It is also easily recyclable after use: just separate the cardboard and the plastic film and dispose of them in the corresponding containers. Hinojosa is the exclusive producer of this innovation in Spain and Portugal, through an agreement signed in 2020 with Dutch Packable, the company that holds the patent for this packaging.

Hinojosa's business model is based on the circular economy, using raw materials that the planet is capable of producing permanently and that at the end of the life cycle - and after reuse and recycling - can return to nature without generating any damage or pollution, thus contributing to the sustainability of its customers' business.

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