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27 October 2020

HERMISAN, a company of projects and installations for irrigation and greenhouses, attends this year at Fruit Attraction

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With the desire to be present at this important event, which is an international benchmark in the sector, we have adapted to the virtual format to offer all interested parties the most timely information about our activities, our innovations and about the challenges that await us in the future.

After more than 40 years of constant presence in the sector, we have become present on five continents. Our projects have given excellent results in crops of all kinds, as we can install drip irrigation systems, fertigation, automation, irrigation trains, etc. both in greenhouses and in open-air crops.
Introducing constant improvements and innovations has allowed us to always be at the forefront of the sector, solving our clients' problems and making their farms increasingly profitable and easier to maintain.
Among our innovations we must mention as most relevant, the following:
• Fertigation: The exclusive Nutricompact system optimally distributes the nutrients in the irrigation water flow, definitively solving the traditional problems of fertigation: degradation and discontinuity in the injection of nutrients, acidification of the nutrient solution, etc. .
• Automation of Irrigation, Fertigation and climate: SupraControl is the perfect and optimal tool for the management of all the control processes of an irrigation, fertigation and climate system, which combines a dynamic and visual interface with a powerful data management system of fertilizer consumption and irrigation statistics, together with remote management from any device, positions it as the necessary management system in all crops with high added value.
• Anti-Frost Control: We have developed the most effective system for preventing the effects of frost in open-air crops.

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