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22 September 2022

HERMISAN upgrades EXTRABERRIES blueberries and cherries farms in Argentina and Uruguay

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Since 2007, EXTRABERRIES has been developing an extraordinary agricultural activity in its farms in Argentina and Uruguay, where it has excelled in the cultivation of high quality fruits (blueberries, cherries, pears and apples).

Its business approach is that of a modern, profitable, sustainable business that returns to society a good part of the wealth it generates, in the form of employment and training in the populations where it is developed.

Its most recent blueberry farms in Argentina (Concordia and Metán) and Uruguay (Gamorel), and the cherry farm in Sarmiento (Argentina), have been equipped with our automated irrigation and fertigation systems.

These installations comprise a total of 8 irrigation heads where we have implemented an Advanced Nutricompact Fertigation System and a Supra Automation that will allow the automatic management of irrigation, that is, pumping, filtering and field network and the improvement and control of its nutrient injection system, all with remote control and under the MOHT (Martinez Open Hydroponic Technology) crop management parameters.

New installations that are expanding Hermisan technology all over the world, always at the service of agriculture and farmers.

They will be exhibiting at stand 5B09.