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21 June 2022


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Manufacture and installation of irrigation systems: FERTIRRIGATION and AUTOMATION.

DEHESA ESPARTINAS Project. High technology in avocado irrigation Avocado is one of the most profitable crops in expansion. An avocado farm that wants to be competitive, profitable and sustainable, must have the most advanced technical means.

In order to manage a large avocado plantation in the best possible way, the owners of the Dehesa de Espartinas farm in Cadiz, have turned to HERMISAN to provide the farm with the most modern technified irrigation system.

The property has 498 net hectares of land, of which 44.5 hectares are avocado trees and is located in the province of Cadiz, Spain. It has been equipped with an automatically filled water tank from the Barbate reservoir, with automatic level reading, from which an automatic pumping system, controlled with variators, supplies the irrigation water at a constant pressure and through the network of pipes and electrovalves. Likewise, by means of proportional injection from 2 fertilizer tanks with pH control and from 1 acid tank with EC readings, an automatic mesh filtration system allows irrigation or application of the Frost Control system, which together with an outdoor weather station and a modern Wise Irrisystem soil humidity and EC reading equipment, allow for efficient precision irrigation.

All this is controlled by HERMISAN's SupraControl application, which in addition to allowing remote management of the entire system, manages the pressure and consumption data of the irrigation motors, volumes of the fertilizer tanks and statistics of UF (fertilizer unit) applied per sector and per plant.

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