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28 October 2020

The (H3) Water Footprint Certification, winner of the Innovation Hub Awards in the F&V Industry Category

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The (H3) Water Footprint Certification, from the AGROCOLOR company, has been recognised by the jury as the winner of this edition from among the 10 finalists

The (H3) Water Footprint Certification, from the AGROCOLOR company, was the winner of the Innovation Hub Awards in the F&V Industry Category, out of a total of 10 finalist fruit and vegetable products, which vied for said recognition. The defence of each finalist took place live yesterday on the Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect platform before a jury made up of Francisco Javier Maté Caballero, Deputy Director General of Food Quality Control and Agrifood Laboratories of the MAPA; Rubén Moratiel, researcher at CEIGRAM-UPM; Gonzaga Ruíz de Gauna, manager of BIOVEGEN; Camino Arroyo, Deputy Director General of Fruits and Vegetables and Viticulture at MAPA, and Luis B. Martín Martín, Head of the Technical Department of FEPEX. The jury judged the Applicability, Innovation, Environmental Sustainability and Social Value Proposal of the entries.

(H3) Water Footprint Certification (AGROCOLOR)

The main goal of the "H3 Precision Agriculture as a Competitive Advantage of the Andalusian Fruit and Vegetable Sector" Project is to provide the fruit and vegetable sector with tools and useful, efficient, simple and economical resources designed directly for the first agent in the value chain. These will make it possible to independently acquire instant information about the crop and thus be able to influence decision-making related to irrigation, preventing the arbitrary management thereof, with the result being water savings of at least 25%. Likewise, these technological resources will be able to record a crop’s impact on the water available, and therefore enable the calculation of the Water Footprint, thus resulting in the development of a "calculation methodology" protocol that will help contribute to achieving sustainable agriculture. AGROCOLOR is the only entity authorised to issue the H3 Water Footprint Certification, which offers the possibility of being certified as an individual producer or as part of a group of producers. More information

The participation of the company AGROCOLOR in the Innovation Hub space has enabled it to present innovation to the entire international fruit and vegetable industry as one of the pillars of a modern industry, adapted to new consumer profiles.