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24 May 2022


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The Valencian company Gufresco, under the brand Fresquitos®, is expanding its range of natural fruit juices with Fresquitos® Pineapple, Mint and Apple. A totally natural juice with a refreshing taste.

In addition, Gufresco also launched a new Smoothie on the market, in response to consumer demand. This Smoothie is made with beetroot, orange, rice drink, banana, and a hint of vanilla.

The Valencian company is committed to sustainability in both production processes and packaging, with a very strict policy aimed at caring for and respecting the environment. The packaging of these two new products is made from Rpet and is recycled and fully recyclable. The added value of Fresquitos is that its juices are totally natural and are made from fresh fruit and vegetables.

Gufresco manufactures I Range fruit and vegetables, natural juices, cut fruit and vegetables (IV Range), sandwiches, salads, wraps and sandwiches, all under a philosophy of 100% adaptation to the needs of the market and special requests of our customers.

The R&D department works every day to continue innovating in new products, developing different "ready to eat" and "ready to cook" dishes that will be launched in the coming months, natural juices with innovative formulas that include superfoods and new presentations of cut vegetables. They develop recipes, formats and specific solutions for channels such as Food Service, Retail, Horeca and Vending.