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22 September 2022

GREGAL-Has the most complete solution for the management of a temporary employment agency in the agricultural sector

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Like any ETT, temporary employment agencies whose main activity is the provision of services to the agricultural sector and recruitment of personnel (agricultural ETT), need to simplify their daily processes, automating all those processes to work more effectively, generating a flow that optimizes the relationship of the agricultural ETT with the worker and the client.

 At Gregal, we have sought to satisfactorily cover the needs of the three parts of the agricultural recruitment chain. On the one hand, there is the ETT agricultural, which is responsible for finding the best profiles for the performance of tasks in agricultural companies and on the other hand there are the companies in the agricultural sector and the workers hired by the ETT agriculture for agricultural services.

Next, we will explain how our ETT Software for agriculture improves the user experience in each case.

1- Relationship of the ETT with the worker (ETT Software for Agriculture)

Through the candidate's portal, workers can upload their resumes and the ETT will analyze the data to adapt them to the workplace according to the training that the worker has. Once hired and thanks to the employee portal, the ETT can manage in a complete way, all aspects related to the worker, from the relationship of the contract, training or management of EPIS, to the most related to human resources, such as payroll, leave, vacation or sick leave.

 2 - ETT relationship with the customer (ETT Software for agriculture)

Through the customer's portal you can manage the contract and all aspects related to invoicing, accounting, prices, invoices and payments. As well as the management of contacts and the agenda.

 3 - Relationship of the customer with the worker (ETT Software for agriculture)

The provision of services of the worker is managed from an application that controls both the tasks and the fulfillment of the schedule, it also offers an optimal management of the work in the field and incorporates the reports of tasks and harvesting, the management of crews, as well as additional controls.

4 - Relationship of the ETT with the public administration (ETT Software for agriculture)

The solution VisionAgro ETT, allows direct communication with the public administration, having an integrated system with social security and tax, VisionAgro ETT is the most complete solution for the management of official documents.

It should be noted that our software ETT agriculture, VisionAgro, has all the functionality necessary for the management that an agricultural temporary employment agency (ETT agricultural) needs.

- Payroll and salary management

- Candidate Management (Candidate Portal)

- Accounting Management

- Management of work reports

- On-Line Work Reports in the field

- Employee Portal

- CRM with field

- Contracts of availability (CPD)

For all of the above, our VisionAgro ETT Software is the best and most complete solution for ETT dedicated to agriculture.

In Gregal we are dedicated for more than 20 years to the service of agricultural companies, offering the best solutions, effectively integrating our agricultural ERP with agricultural APPS.

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