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15 July 2022

GREENHAS GROUP, specialized in the research, manufacturing and marketing of plant fertilizers and biostimulants

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Greenhas Group is a solid group with a well-established distribution network, specialized in the research, manufacturing and marketing of plant fertilizers and biostimulants to help crops produce more with less.

The company (Green Has Italia), born in 1985, has its legal and production headquarters in Italy and distributes its products in many countries around the world through strategic partners and direct branches located in the main markets. Spain was the first country, in 2009, to have a Greenhas branch with a direct sales organization. Greenhas Italia is one of the founding members of EBIC (European Biostimulants Industry Council), which brings together leading companies in the biostimulants sector.


Our goal is to anticipate agricultural needs; strengthening plants and giving more fertility to the soil while respecting the environment.


Innovators by vocation, we are committed every day to provide farmers with high quality products and guaranteed efficacy thanks to an intense research and development program.

Values and products

Sustainability is at the heart of Greenhas development strategies and its activity is oriented to the Green Deal concepts. In research, we contribute significant resources in the selection of effective formulations to mitigate the negative effects of climate change, from biostimulants with bioactive molecules of plant origin to those containing selected microorganisms.

The research

Internationally recognized for the quality and innovation of our formulations, we have a long tradition in the field of research: every year we invest large resources in technological progress, aware that renewal is the basis of the company's competitiveness, growth and future success. The selection and characterization of high added value substances for the creation of new formulations is carried out in our laboratory and in collaboration with prestigious international research centers. We pay special attention to the study and understanding of the ways in which a plant organism can be directed, from genes to proteins.


Greenhas' product range includes liquid and soluble powder formulations and is divided into five categories to cover different and specific areas of use. Most of them stimulate natural processes    

processes by improving nutrient uptake and assimilation efficiency, abiotic stress tolerance and crop quality.

The main categories of our product range are:

- "Biostimulants & Special Fertilizers", the most innovative and exclusive fertilizers with specific functions such as anti-stress, biostimulation and other applications to solve specific problems of agricultural crops concimi-fertilizzanti/biostimulants-special-fertilizers/

- "Mineral-Tech", fertilizers manufactured with a particular industrial technique involving a specific sequence of reactions between mineral elements. These fertilizers, in liquid form, are able to boost crops during their phenological phases according to their precise biochemical balances. fertilizers/

Fin their stand number 10F12 at FRUIT ATTRACTION.

Greenhas Group supports a conscious and more efficient use of fertilizers. Find out more here: