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21 June 2022


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Specialized in stone and seed fruit

FRUTAS NENES E HIJOS is a fruit and vegetable center that arises from the business initiative of four brothers. A family business, founded in 2005, its aim is the production and marketing of agricultural production of its partners, from their farms, located in the Vegas Bajas del Guadiana, establishing its headquarters in Valdelacalzada, important for its extensive irrigated land.

Frutas Nene has its own surface located in the region of Badajoz Valdelacalzada population, with highly qualified personnel in the fruit and vegetable sector, where the combination of both factors allows you to achieve a product handling appropriate to market demand. We have a fruit and vegetable plant equipped with a complete infrastructure:

- Cold storage rooms

- Calibrating machine

- Loading docks

- Adequate machinery for its manipulation

We have a fruit and vegetable plant equipped with a complete infrastructure that allows the conditioning, packaging and preservation of the entire production. With a clear reinvestment orientation, it guarantees an appropriate renewal of its technology and sustained growth.

It currently produces and markets different varieties of: plums, pears, peaches, nectarines and flat peaches.

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