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26 November 2020

#FruitAttractionOnTheRoad – getting to know the companies in the sector better

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Fruit Attraction is very excited to launch #FruitAttractionOnTheRoad – a new way to approach a wide range of companies in the fruit and vegetable sector and get to know first-hand the work they do in order to share the community's daily life.

Fruit Attraction set off on this journey with a visit by its sales manager in the Fresh Produce area, María Martínez de Velasco, to Asociación 5 al Día, an organisation that promotes the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables. At this meeting, at which she was accompanied by the Association's director Nuria Martínez Barea, María Martínez learnt all there is to know about the activities, achievements and evolution of the Association over its 20 years of existence. This highly instructive visit revealed how they achieve their main aim – getting people to eat five pieces of fruit or vegetable a day.