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21 June 2022


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Fresh forward's objective so far has been to position its strawberry varieties in the standard plus or premium segment in European markets. The strategy is based on the end consumer identifying the brand as synonymous with a regular, long-lasting and unusual product.

A great effort is being made to promote CALINDA in Belgium, the Netherlands, England, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Finland by all those involved in the value chain: breeders, producers and marketers.

All this is possible thanks to the Club model that is being implemented. This allows us to deal with common issues in favor of the varieties so that all the collaborators of the chain are satisfied and, above all, the final consumer can enjoy an exquisite and quality snack.

Fruit Characteristics

Calinda fruit is conical and elongated. Uniform, the fruit has an attractive red color with a striking sheen. It is juicy, with excellent flavor and texture. The average weight of the fruit is constant: never too low, even up to the end of the season! Calinda has a very characteristic texture which, compared to other varieties grown in Southern Europe, is especially soft and delicate. The plant and fruit are well adapted to Mediterranean climatic conditions. The fruit maintains its firmness, productivity levels and Brix degrees in dry or humid, cold or hot conditions. Add to this the excellent post-harvest shelf life of Calinda and you have a unique variety.

Field Experience

Calinda is relatively easy to grow. A planting frame of 22 to 30 cm results in a healthy crop throughout the season. Harvesting begins at the same time as other early varieties. The first fruits are of good size and well formed. As temperatures increase, production and frequency between harvests also increase, although without unexpected peaks or drops in production. Plant development is balanced, ensuring stable production with low nutrient demand. The variety is well adapted to different soil types and fertilization; generic NPK nutrition with microelements is ideal.

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