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19 June 2019

For the fourth consecutive year, the diversity and freshness of Costa Rica’s agricultural products will be at Fruit Attraction

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The offer to be promoted this year comprises pineapples, bananas, roots and tubers, sugar cane and chayote.

Costa Rica is the third largest banana exporter of the Cavendish variety worldwide. Other varieties that are produced in the country are Gran Enano, Williams and Valery. It has certifications such as ISO 14001, Global GAP, Rainforest Alliance.

And it is the number one pineapple exporter in the world. Costa Rica is renowned for the quality and taste of pineapples of the Golden variety (MD2), characterized by their sweetness, aroma and their yellow colour inside. In addition, they have an abundance of potassium, iodine and vitamins A, B and C. They have an 85% water content.

Find us at the Esencial Costa Rica stand / Procomer 8D04