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24 May 2022


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The company from Navarre reinforces the Duo range with a rich combination of spinach and rocket sprouts and expands the family of Complete Salads with Pasta and Tuna.

Florette remains faithful to its commitment to helping people to eat healthily without sacrificing the flavour and naturalness of its products, with the launch of the new Duo Spinach and rocket sprouts and Complete Pasta and Tuna Salad.

With the Spinach and Rocket Sprouts Duo, the Duo family is invigorated with delicate first sprouts rich in folic acid, a vitamin that increases levels of serotonin, the well-known happiness hormone.  Moreover, this mix is ideal for accompanying and preparing all kinds of meals such as salads, pastas or sandwiches.

This new recipe promises to delight the consumer's palate thanks to a combination full of flavour contrasts and intense green colours. On the one hand, the spinach sprouts bring the mild taste to this mix thanks to their tender and soft texture, while the rocket stands out for its intense flavour with bitter and spicy hints from its small elongated leaves.

Complete Pasta and Tuna Salad, filling and tasty

As well as looking for immediacy and products that are produced in an environmentally friendly way, today's consumers are increasingly choosing to enjoy the flavour of classic recipes with solutions that accompany them when they go to the office and on trips to the mountains or the beach, but also when they stay at home. In this sense, Florette's Complete Salads are the best ally. For this reason, the company from Navarre is also launching the new Complete Pasta and Tuna Salad on the market, a classic recipe with tasty and filling ingredients.

This preparation is made up of a tender and fresh base of sprouts together with pasta, one of the most popular foods and which stands out for its helix shape and its satiating capacity. The tuna, one of the star ingredients in the recipe, provides extra flavour and juiciness, combined with the sweetness of the corn and the refreshing touch of tomato and black olives. All this, mixed with a light sauce, makes this salad a healthy, complete, filling and flavourful meal.

Like the rest of Florette's Complete Salads, this new variety is presented in a 100% recycled and recyclable bowl that offers a convenient format to take to the office, to eat at home or outdoors.

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