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20 May 2019

EJITURBAS returns to Flower & Garden Attraction

Flower&Garden Attraction
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EJITURBAS returns to Flower & Garden Attraction

Ejiturbas is returning to the second edition of Flower & Garden Attraction, with its wide range of innovative and environmentally-friendly products with high added value, which includes everything from substrates for agriculture, such as peat substrates and coconut fibre, to the production of rooted systems.

We have our own eco-certified brand, and our experience and knowledge allows us to formulate mixtures of customised substrates to optimise our customers’ crops. We also sell photo-selective products for the shading of greenhouse roofs, thus completing our range of high-quality products.

To our sales of high-quality products, we have added commitment to innovation, focused on the improvement and development of new products and supported by the hiring of specialist technicians, in order to position ourselves as a leading company in the sector and in the R D I field.

We work with national and regional research centres to develop research and innovation projects, we have the financial support of the Public Administration to carry out these projects and we also have our own research laboratory.

Come along and discover our wide range of products and services!

Tel: 34 950 573 359