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24 May 2022


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Respect for the planet and commitment to society have led the company Ecoinver Export S.L. from Almeria to go a step further in the production of its fruit and vegetable specialities. It is in this context that Ecoinver BIO S.L. was created, a new company located in the west of Almeria dedicated to the production and export of organic and biodynamic fruit and vegetable specialities. Mini cucumber, snack cucumber, Dutch cucumber, aubergine, California pepper, Palermo, pear tomato, cherry tomato and courgette are the products in the current catalogue, with new additions planned.

Located in Las Norias de Daza, Almeria, the company has a 3,000 square metre warehouse for handling and dispatching organic and biodynamic produce. "Ecoinver BIO is a project backed by Ecoinver Export S.L., with 15 years of experience in the sector and in the specialiation in products adapted to the needs of consumers", affirms Daniel Segura, Financial Director of Ecoinver Export and BIO.

With the vision of expanding frontiers and becoming a reference in the agricultural sector, the professionals at Ecoinver BIO continue to work on constant innovations to ensure that the products are adapted to the constantly changing needs of consumers. The quality of the vegetables is an essential factor. For this reason, all the departments strictly monitor all the phases of the production process: cultivation, harvesting, handling and transport, ensuring that each consignment meets the requirements set by the customers. The menu of traditional products and specialities has an extra dimension of quality and certification, capable of satisfying the demands of the consumers.


Conservation of the environment is compatible with profitability for the farming families of Almeria and Granada, and with the production of quality vegetables. In this line, Ecoinver BIO carries out numerous initiatives in its crops to ensure both sustainability and the creation of the necessary means for the feeding, reproduction and subsistence of numerous animal species; or the creation of areas of native vegetation to ensure plant diversity.

This sustainable production model is different from the rest in terms of the type of products, specialities grown according to consumer demand.

Ecoinver BÍO is born with the genes of the experience of the Almeria countryside, an international benchmark in the production and supply of markets with quality products all year round.

Further information:     Laura Popa phone 677 626 350