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24 May 2022

Deygest has developed a new totally ecological product, Equi-sun®m, for the prevention of sunstroke in organic crops.

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As it is known by all the experts and workers in the agriculture sector, the excess of solar radiation affects fruits and vegetables causing burns and big lesions in leaves, stems, trunks and the fruit itself. This damage caused by sun damage causes millions of euros in losses, reducing both the quantity and the commercial quality of the fruit and, therefore, the yield of the crop.

The Spanish company Deygest has developed a new totally ecological product called Equi-sun®, a liquid solution that protects the crop against UVA radiation. What is Equi-Sun®? Equi-sun® is a solar filter with a high fixation on the plant surface, forming a totally transparent film that absorbs and bounces the solar radiation, protecting against a wide spectrum of infrared and ultraviolet radiation. This film increases water retention inside the cell, keeping the temperature lower (image 1 - temperature comparison) and avoiding plant paralysis and without staining the fruit, a great difference that makes it the best clean alternative to kaolin (image 2 - colour difference with kaolin).

Advantages of Equi-Sun® - Good fixation in the crop, with a long persistence - Water resistant product: Long persistence - Does not stain the crop after application and does not require subsequent washing of the fruit - Unlike other sunscreens on the market, it does not attract mites - Increases cell elasticity, preventing the appearance of splits and saving production costs - Biostimulant and anti-stress - Increases photosynthesis, allowing greater production of sugars and better nutritional balance, It can be applied to all types of crops - Product that respects the environment and the auxiliary fauna (Bombus, Orius, Swirskii, Nesidiocoris...) - Reduces the temperature of the crop, avoiding vegetative stoppage and allowing a better quality and flavour of the fruit - It can be applied to all types of crops. )

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