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29 September 2022

DE SANGOSSE IBÉRICA, the Spanish subsidiary of the French group De Sangosse, has developed the first dual active ingredient snail and slug bait on the market.

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METAREX® DUO, the only spherical molluscicide with dual actionWhat makes METAREX® DUO different from other molluscicides? For one thing, its patented Sferric Process manufacturing process. Carried out in an exclusive facility, it is a long process, based on the rigorous choice of ingredients and the combination of active ingredients in a spherical bait. This maximizes the synergy between the two active ingredients by increasing the pellets' physical characteristics and ballistic properties.

On the other hand, the unique synergy of IP max ferric phosphate (developed by De Sangosse) with metaldehyde. Each of these active ingredients acts in a different but complementary way. Metaldehyde destroys cells located on the skin and in the digestive system, while IP max ferric phosphate blocks digestion by disturbing calcium metabolism through accumulation in the intestine and digestive gland.

Thus creating a true synergy to provide an unprecedented level of efficacy.

In addition, the low composition of metaldehyde (1%) in the formulation makes METAREX® DUO the most environmentally friendly bait available on the market, without affecting its exceptional efficacy.

De Sangosse molluscicides feature Colzactive technology that offers great attractiveness as well as high palatability. In addition, due to its unique manufacturing process, the granules have excellent resistance to moisture and degradation.

The De Sangosse Ibérica company project is linked to the vision of being able to offer and share through a great human team, the best products, services and values, contributing to the development of a positive, modern, respectful, efficient and lasting agriculture. Always betting on innovation, with a constantly enriched product offer ranging from plant protection, microorganisms and specialized nutrition, to products for the control of harmful animal organisms.

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