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15 July 2022

DE SANGOSSE IBÉRICA Introduces the first sulfur of organic origin

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De Sangosse Ibérica, Spanish subsidiary of the French group De Sangosse, has developed the first anti powdery mildew fungicide for vines of controlled agricultural origin with phytosanitary registration.

SCINTILLA®, the first sulfur of organic origin, offers highly effective protection, excellent homogeneity and compatibility, as well as increased adhesiveness and resistance to washing.

SCINTILLA®'s patented concentrated suspension contains bio sulfur of entirely vegetable origin in an innovative formulation with Thiobacter Activ that guarantees anti powdery mildew protection of table and wine grapes. It protects leaves and bunches before and after flowering.

The SCINTILLA® manufacturing process starts with the production of biogas using agricultural products. During the process, hydrogen sulfide is generated, which is valorized to extract elemental sulfur with the help of bacteria. The sulfur obtained is formulated into liquid sulfur, resulting in SCINTILLA®.

In addition, SCINTILLA® is authorized in organic farming, making it ideal for sustainable defense strategies in accordance with EC regulation 834/2007. And it has the Official Register of Products and Phytosanitary Material No. ES-01211.

The De Sangosse Ibérica company project is linked to the vision of being able to offer and share through a great human team, the best products, services and values, contributing to the development of a positive, modern, respectful, efficient and lasting agriculture. Always betting on innovation, with a constantly enriched product offering ranging from plant protection, specialized nutrition and microorganisms, to products for the control of harmful animal organisms.

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