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05 June 2018

Create your own landing page before Fruit Attraction

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Many companies that take part in Fruit Attraction use the advertising tools made available by the organisers (directory of participating companies, social networks, …) or their own advertising tools (banners, electronic signatures…).

These days, it’s not enough, since there’s so much more available.

The evolution of the tools digital marketing is making available to us provides a world of opportunities to help achieve your goals for taking part in the trade fair.

There is little point in advertising that you will be exhibiting at Fruit Attraction and then, when the user clicks, to be taken to a generic website. I would rather click on an ad that says, “I’m an exhibitor at Fruit Attraction” and be taken to information about participation in the trade fair, wouldn’t you?What is a LANDING PAGE? It is a page to which promotional links point. Whenever someone clicks on the link in a guide, banner or text advertisement on another website or internet portal, they will be directed here. In most cases, this website is an extension of the promotional advert, but with more detailed information about the offered products or services promoted through a sales letter.

When should my LANDING PAGEgo live?

Just think how many people will never know that you are taking part in Fruit Attraction unless you tell them? Between six weeks and two months before the event is when 95% of visitors decide to attend the fair, which makes it the ideal time to have an operational Landing Page.

This will get your name out, help to create your brand and attract leads to visit your stand.

How do I design my LANDING PAGE?

There are numerous online software suppliers that you can use to design your landing page. One piece of software you can use to design and create attractive event pages is SplashThat.

What should I include on my LANDING PAGE?

My details:

Who am I?

What do I sell?

Where am I?

What do I offer?


Fruit Attraction Contact

Link to the Fair

Visitor information: A brief form for interested parties to fill in and submit to receive information and make an appointment.


  1. Mini-form for requesting NAME and EMAIL. This information will suffice to generate a database related to your presence at Fruit Attraction, which can then be fed with content (nurturing) to make a visit to your stand a “must” where you can make your sales.
  2. To make it work, you have to offer something different, something valuable that will draw attention to your participation in the fair: a free invitation, entry to a seminar, a prize draw, a promotional gift…
  3. After generating the leads, make a profile and score them (lead scoring), to do tailored actions (professional profile, origin, interests…)
  4. Explain the value offered by the company that makes it stand out from other exhibitors that visitors may visit during their time at the trade fair.
  5. Communicate your brand values on the landing page and your value proposal at the fair, your location, the possibility of downloading the activities programme and put it in their agendas (.ics or .csv)
  6. If you don’t want to reveal certain information on your landing page, provide the contact details of your traditional sales channels – telephone number – or give the visitors reasons to come back to the site, or attract them with other relevant content or offers.

All landing pages must haveone objective and one objective alone. In the case of an event landing page, this is to get people to register by clicking on the CALL TO ACTION (CTA) button.

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