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15 July 2022

COSMOCEL launches its new line Ferti-G

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Cosmocel, leader in innovation, manufacturing and marketing of high specialty solutions and technology with over 60 years of experience and passion for the field, providing close and comprehensive support to the farmer.

Committed to our raison d'être: Always provide the best for the farmer, we design products that:

- Are based on the physiology and specific objectives of modern plant nutrition.

- Are rapidly assimilated and metabolized by the plant.

- Respond to specific crop needs and specific circumstances of the crop and its environment.

- They represent a valuable tool for the farmer, as they can establish comprehensive and efficient nutritional plans that can be combined with commonly used products.

- They are respectful of the planet and environmentally friendly.

- They favor and improve soil fertility by promoting a balance between its physical, chemical and biological properties, favoring sustainable agriculture.

The new Ferti-G line enhances the available resources by interconnecting soil, plant and microorganisms at the same time, thus reducing the dependence on the application of chemical fertilizers in the crop. It consists of solutions necessary to better complete the different stages of growth and development of a crop.

Come by our booth 9615 and find out what Ferti-G and Cosmocel can do for you.

For more information, please visit    Myrna Pastrana (