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22 September 2022

LA COLLETTIVA, Italian agricultural cooperative society with its roots in Samassi

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La Collettiva is an Italian agricultural cooperative society that has its roots in Samassi, a town of 5000 inhabitants located in the large and fertile plain of Campidano, in Sardinia.

Thanks to its strong agricultural vocation, the economy of Samassi is based on hundreds of agricultural enterprises that, in accordance with the tradition of this town, carry out the production of wine, cereals, fruits and vegetables, in particular artichoke. In Sardinia the cultivation of artichoke is a centuries-old experience acquired in hundreds of years of history, often approached to the many varieties of artichoke. Today, thanks to climatic and environmental changes, there is a great diversification of "cultivars".

"La Collettiva", which takes place 50 years ago, owns a share with many other agricultural enterprises of the territory, medium and small. Thanks to the efforts of the company management and the will of the associated workers, "La Collettiva" obtained the OP Ortofrutticola recognition for the group of products called "Altri ortaggi freschi o refrigerati". Today, "La Collettiva" is a strong point of reference in the Sardinian agri-food business, an example of how the offer of organic and healthy products can grow and improve if well supported.

The "Organizzazione dei Produttori" deals with the harvesting, processing, storage and marketing of vegetables and fruits. Artichoke accounts for 90% of its income. The remaining 10% comes from tomatoes for the fresh market and asparagus, peppers and local seasonal fruit for the industry. Every day, at the Samassi facilities, more than 100 members of "La Collettiva" deliver their fresh product which, taking advantage of modern preservation techniques, can be exported, covering the demand for fresh artichokes 365 days a year.

In more than 1000 hectares dedicated to artichokes, there is room for the classic thorny varieties, but most of the land is covered with the thornless variety.

The main objectives of "La Collettiva" are always the same: to give to the final customers safe and high quality agricultural products with zero residues, and to guarantee to the producers and to the parties involved in the supply chain well-being and satisfaction. The pursuit of this policy has led, over the years, to the excellence of the territory to succeed and compete in all national and international business, accelerating the process of standardization of the Sardinian agricultural economy, without affecting the passion for the land.

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