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21 June 2022


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Beyond organic production and its standards, CINATUR has opted for the Biodiversity seal that guarantees a range of sustainable products in their cultivation and with maximum respect for the environment and health.

It is not only a return to nature, without chemicals or residues, but to the naturalness of traditional ways, where pests had their natural predator that maintained the balance, where agriculture was not aggressive with the environment, and where quality prevailed over volume and a misunderstood profitability.

CINATUR is the commercial partner that, even without knowing it, you have always been looking for. With us you will find service, empathy, sustainability and that loyalty in the daily work that makes projects come out, business is advantageous for all parties, and relationships last.

Some figures

Figures are cold, boring, flat... They are often used to mask other aspects of reality. But, in a way, they are also necessary. How else could we tell you that, in 2021, CINATUR exported more than 17,882,000 kilos worth 16,809,000 euros? How else could you know that we have been active in the European fruit and vegetable market for more than 21 years, that we have 5 producing and packaging partners, with more than 4,000 ha of own production and 7 fruit and vegetable plants, and a team of 10 people focused on meeting your needs for fresh and top quality produce?

An experienced team makes the difference.

But, above and beyond the figures, there are the people. Not only an experienced team, but also an experienced team.

The events of the last few years are testing everything we took for granted in the business and in the usual work coordinates. Managing a pandemic situation, and worse, requires adaptation, professional expertise and a strong customer focus.

CINATUR knows how to make this effort, to give the best service in a changing context, being the reliable partner it has always been both for its customers, suppliers and partners.


Diversity is breadth, it is variety, it has to do with a receptive and creative attitude, which does not pigeonhole. From the beginning, CINATUR has been committed to diversity in its offer. Good citrus fruits, but not only citrus fruits.

Stone fruit, melon and watermelon, persimmon,... and a vegetable base that covers the whole year, and, as always, CINATUR guarantees a constant quality, according to the needs of each client, and the volumes required.

More information: Phone: +34 96 3737567