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21 June 2022


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Carbo-Eco Quick Wet, the organic farming version of Quick Wet.

Following customer demand for an organic farming version of the successful Quick Wet, Carbotecnia's technical department has been working on Carbo-Eco Quick Wet, an organic manganese and zinc fertilizer with a wetting effect to optimize the application of treatments.

Carbo-Eco Quick Wet is the latest addition to Carbotecnia's catalog of products for organic agriculture. Carbo-Eco Quick Wet is certified by BCS KIWA, one of the most restrictive certifiers to ensure that Carbotecnia's organic products cover almost all local regulations worldwide.

Carbo-Eco Quick Wet has been successfully laboratory and field tested. After achieving certification for use in organic farming, it has been placed on the market with full guarantees.

The most important characteristics are:

  • Corrects Mn and Zn deficiencies.
  • It enhances the effect of foliar treatments applied together, reducing passes and doses.
  • Due to the pH of the Mn and Zn components, evaporation and volatilization losses are reduced.
  • The specific carboxylic acids reduce the surface tension of the droplets, thus increasing the contact surface. 
  • Uniform distribution of the broths is achieved.
  • Improves the absorption and translocation process of nutrients and active substances.

Listening to the needs of its customers has been one of the most important cross-cutting tasks for the company. Thanks to this attitude, they have been able to launch highly successful products on the market, such as Carbo-Eco Quick Wet.

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