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29 September 2022


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One more year, the cherry pear tomato Lobello branch receives the award for the best Flavor of the Year 2022. This is the fourth consecutive year that this cherry has won this recognition in a contest that is carried out through a blind tasting by consumers. In addition, it has also been awarded the Superior Taste Award with the highest '3-star' award from the Taste Quality Institute (iTQi).

When we talk about Lobello, we are talking about FLAVOR in capital letters because it has between 10-12 degrees brix as well as an intense red color and a penetrating aroma. This is basically what makes it a unique tomato. The secret of Lobello is born within the farms of Caparrós Nature, a fruit and vegetable producer and marketer that has a wide portfolio of products, as well as products of a more premium range, such as the Lobello tomato or its black seedless watermelon Caparrós Premium.  

In Caparrós every detail is important, so everything is taken care of, from the seed (exclusive Caparrós) to their work in the field and in the different points of sale. Lobello is the result of a work created by a great team of people who in turn form the Taste of Excellence and add a legacy to the Caparrós family.

Among the company's farms, it is worth mentioning one of the most emblematic Caparrós greenhouses: the Lobello museum. It is a multi-tunnel gothic-style farm, named after the well-known European architectural style, where this cherry is grown from autumn to spring. Due to its uniqueness, the Lobello museum has been frequently visited by the media, delegations from foreign countries, school visits, social and environmental organizations, etc.

Finally, to bring to life a tomato that is a leader in its field, the image of another leader was also needed: Vicente del Bosque, known for leading the Spanish national soccer team to the top of the world, is the current image of this successful Lobello tomato: the tomato that tastes like a tomato.

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