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27 October 2020

A type of broccoli with unique attributes, winner of the Innovation Hub Awards in the Fresh Produce category

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The REDI product, from the BEJO IBERICA company, has been recognised by the jury as the winner of this edition from among the 10 finalists

The REDI product, from the BEJO IBERICA company, was the winner of the Innovation Hub Awards in the Fresh Produce category, out of a total of 10 finalist fruit and vegetable products, which vied for said recognition.

The defence of each finalist took place live yesterday on the Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect platform before a jury made up of Francisco Javier Maté Caballero, Deputy Director General of Food Quality Control and Agrifood Laboratories of the MAPA; Rubén Moratiel, researcher at CEIGRAM-UPM; Gonzaga Ruíz de Gauna, manager of BIOVEGEN; Camino Arroyo, Deputy Director General of Fruits and Vegetables and Viticulture at MAPA, and Luis B. Martín Martín, Head of the Technical Department of FEPEX. The jury judged the Applicability, Innovation, Environmental Sustainability and Social Value Proposal of the entries.

The winning product, REDI, is a vegetable with unique attributes that will add colour and originality to any meal. Redi is characterised not only by being extremely healthy, but also by its unique taste and striking appearance. Its high levels of naturally occurring glucosinolate compounds make REDI extraordinarily healthy. REDI has purple shoots, which consist of tender stems that end in tiny flowerheads. Its colour contains more antioxidant compounds than normal broccoli, thus consolidating and enhancing its reputation as a power food (More information).

The participation of the company BEJO IBÉRICA in the Innovation Hub space has enabled it to present innovation to the entire international fruit and vegetable industry as one of the pillars of a modern industry, adapted to new consumer profiles.