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22 September 2022

BRANDT will present a new organic range that increases by 10% the average fresh weight per plant in tomatoes

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The company BRANDT will present at Fruit Attraction a new organic foliar nutrient technology that achieves an average increase of 10% of the average fresh weight per tomato plant. This system is a commitment to organic products that improves the efficiency of nutrients, overall yield and crop quality in a context of increasing environmental concern.

BRANDT OrganiPlex, as this range of products is called, combines three products in one: fertilizer, plant growth stimulator and stress reducer. Designed with a clear ecological spirit, it has a very high amount of free amino acids, a fundamental component in plant development, as they are anti-stress and chelating agents, stimulate plant growth, are precursors of phytohormones and growth substances, as well as stimulating chlorophyll synthesis. In addition, 100% of the metal (calcium, zinc or iron, among others) is combined with the amino acids it contains, which helps the solutions to be truly stable at low and high temperatures, as well as having an extraordinary long-term stability.

In addition to the yield observed in tomato plantations, an average increase of 7% in zinc in leaf tissue has also been observed with the application of this product in apple plantations. Likewise, in vineyards, it has been found that the zinc absorption rate is twice as high as that of traditional technologies. For Manuel González, General Manager of BRANDT Europe/José Yánez, Director of Development of Nutritional Specialties of BRANDT Europe, the development of this new technology is "another step forward in our strategy of organic products". In this sense, BRANDT Europe recently obtained UNE certification for its fertilizers and special products according to the UNE 142500 standard, which harmonizes and regulates the certification of inputs that can be used in organic agriculture.

BRANDT is known as one of the fastest growing family-owned companies in the United States. With a portfolio of more than 250 products, BRANDT is chosen for tree crops, industrial crops, horticulture, turf and ornamentals. Its products are sold in more than 45 countries, and it has more than 135 hectares of crops dedicated to research and development. BRANDT Europe mainly targets Europe, the Middle East and Africa with a wide range of agrochemicals for crop protection, plant nutrition and pest control.

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