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21 June 2022


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Boluda Lines, leader in refrigerated transport between the Peninsula and the Canary Islands

Boluda Shipping has six vessels on its Daily Canarias line and guarantees a transit time of 36 hours.

Boluda Lines, the shipping company of Boluda Shipping, carries out the logistic distribution of refrigerated products through more than thirty ports that connect Spain with Northern Europe and West Africa.

In the last period, the subsidiary has incorporated 1,500 reefer 45' HQPW containers of the latest generation and 2,000 dry cargo units, which join its fleet of more than 20,000 units adapted to the needs of this traffic.

The shipping line seeks to reduce land traffic congestion, develop a multimodal door-to-door service and implement new freight transport and logistics concepts in order to reduce the impact of the carbon footprint per tonne transported.

Among the transits managed by the shipping company we find the innovative Daily Canarias line, through which tons of products are transported daily between the mainland and the Canary Islands in a guaranteed transit time of 36 hours.

The refrigerated cargo transported requires exhaustive geolocation and thermography control, so the reefer equipment is monitored and geolocated by means of the latest generation system developed by Witrac. In this way, terminal, vessel and maintenance workshop operators check the thermography of the containers and preserve the quality of the goods.

In addition, this allows customers to know the status of the cargo from the entry of the trucks at the sea terminals operated by Boluda Shipping until the delivery of the goods at their own facilities.

In addition, to ensure the success of the operation, in the event of any incident there is a technical assistance service for reefers available 24/7, both on board and on land.

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